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Turning memories into treasures

Scrapbooking and creativity live on as does the memory of the storefront of Memory Magic & More. Despite the closing of the store after 11 years, many services are still available
. After-school enrichment,Scout Groups, Sports Teams, Red Hat groups, portfolio creation, celebrations-birthday parties, showers, retirement parties, family reunions, memory boards, and books done for you... Think Memory Magic & More!
Denver, Colorado

       Jane Continues To Do Scrapbooks For You.
All I need are your photos and your story. It allows me to be an author and everyone has a story!  Whether it is of an event or a lifetime, a scrapbook is the perfect way
to keep and enjoy your memories. There is not a gift that is more special.
Call or email for prices.
(Consultation is free)
303-331-1418 or 303-696-8630

    What Customers Say...   

          Jane eagerly took on my project and worked on it using her creativity and storytelling ability. 
          She willingly accepted my imput along the way. The result was a scrapbook that captured 
          the memories of my experiences while publishing and promoting my best-selling book.
          (Rachel Greenwald, best selling author of Finding a Husband After 35.)                     

          We will always remember the beauty of our magical wedding in Fiji because of the scrapbook
          Jane made for us. The book was both creative and sophisticated. Jane listened to our wishes
          carefuly and the final product was a book we will always treasure. We know that we will have
          Jane create any album that we want made in the future. (Rachel and Rob Lubeck)   

After School Enrichment Classes:

I hear: I forget.
I see: I remember.
I do: I understand.
-Chinese Proverb-

Once upon a time there were picture books and there was YOU! 
Join Jane to hear stories and create a scrapbook to share your unique story.  
You will learn to use fun tools such as paper trimmers, corner rounders, lpunches, fancy scissors,
templates, markers, diecuts and more, to create your pages.
The last week will be a celebration to share your story, have refreshments and reflect.
Children will leave with a scrapbook and skills that they can use to make projects in school and in future scrapbooks,
knowledge about writing and fond memories.
Jane Diamond is a Master Teacher of 25 years, author of a fundraising curriculum,
Friendship Note Paper:
The Fundraiser That Builds a Community of Learners,
and owner of Memory Magic & More, a scrapbooking boutique.
She has been making scrapbooks since she was a teenager and loves hearing and sharing stories. Literacy, creativity and children are her passions.
Most classes meet for one hour per week for six weeks, but schedule is flexible.
For more information, email:

                Portfolios-"Putting the Puzzle Together"
                            What: Create a portfolio that reflects YOU! 
                                   * Who are you?
                                   * What are you good at?
                                   * What are your values?
                                   * What are you goals?  Long-term, Short-term.
                                   * Include your best work samples. Where did you begin? How have you grown?
                                   * Assessment tool.
                                   * Job application tool. (Stand out from the others)
                                   * Business marketing tool.  
                             How: Make it a visual and individual statement.
                                   * Use scrapbooking techniques.
                                   * Use tools such as paper cutters, corner rounders,        
                                      templalates, punches, etc. 
                                   * Include photographs.
                                   * Take time to journal.
                                   * Be honest and reflective so it is a tool to promote your abilities and learn 
                             Who: YOU!
                                   * Schools: Beyond standardized testing.
                                   * Job applicants: Stand out from others.
                                   * Businesses: Showcase why your business is the BEST!  

Vision Boards

Goal setting can be creative, useful and fun.
A "Vision Board" is a collage that can be made for an individual,a business,
a school, or a group.
It can be as small as 12 x 12 poster or larger for an entire wall.
Set your goals and then use catalogs, magazines, photos to create your collage.
Embellish using scrapbooking tools.
View your goals at least once a day and watch them materialize. 
Next class: Sunday, June 23rd
1011 So. Valentia St. #25
Reservation: or 303-331-1418

    Memory Boards

The loss of a loved one is one of life's most difficult experiences.
It is also a time when recalling fond memories can help ease the pain.
A little over 15 years ago my husband went to work and died of a brain hemorrhage.
In many ways, I will never forget. In other ways, I was in a daze and have trouble remembering.
Creating a memory board captured his essence and helps me remember the core of who he was.
I would be honored to create a memory board for you or to help you and your family/friends
create the board(s) for yourself. 



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